Roof Windows – What You Should Consider

Are you looking to install a skylight in your home? As windows installed on the roof, they tend to be somewhat more regulated than your average windows – most states and countries often have specific codes dealing with their wind resistance, load and similar other factors. However, besides these legal compliances, there are other points you should also be considering. Here are some of them:

The view is your main objective
One of the main reasons why many homeowners would like to install a skylight is for the view, usually the night sky. Such homeowners look for popular systems such as the Skydome skylight systems to be installed in their bedroom, so that they are able to stargaze in the comfort of their own bed. There is nothing wrong with prioritizing the view over everything else, but keep in mind that there are things you need to focus on in such situations. The most important of these tends to be the maintenance of the window pane – you cannot have a good view with a dirty window, after all. As such, in this case, you want to make sure that your skylight is easy to access and clean. Furthermore, if you are planning to have a skylight overlooking your bed, you also need to keep in mind that whilst you can see the stars at night, the sun will also invariably annoy you in the morning! You might want to consider a shade for the skylight in this case.

Ambience is your main objective
The other main reason to warrant the installation of a skylight is the ambience factor – a skylight can easily flood and bathe a room in natural light to give it a warm and soothing atmosphere. Whilst almost any skylight can provide better illumination for a room, if ambience is your main concern, it is important to carefully consider the location of the skylight – not only where you plan to install it, but also the angle at which you will install it will dictate the amount of light flowing in.

Your home features an attic
If you were looking forward to installing Velux skylights Australia in your home but had to give up because of your attic, do not be too hasty! An attic is by no means an impediment to installing a skylight. In fact, there are plenty of homes with attics that install roof windows. The difference between these and skylights in homes without attics is the light shaft – a shaft that goes through your attic and connects your roof to the main floor. There are different types of light shafts, and each provides a different amount of lighting and ambience.

Insulation is an issue for you
Lastly, if you live in an area where you need to prioritize insulation, make sure to consider glazing and other insulation measures to ensure that you won’t lose a considerable amount of heat through your skylights. Examples of such measures include the aforementioned glazing and argon-filling.