Doing Your Part to Slow Down Global Warming

Environmental pollution is an incurable disease; it has now reached a point where its reversal is unlikely, and therefore what can only be done is prevention of its further escalation. Modern society understands that saving the environment is of the utmost importance. However, what most individuals fail to comprehend is the gravity of its importance; if the earth is destroyed, human would inevitably cease to exist.

Consequently, the world has now begun to turn against one of the greatest causes of pollution and global warming, which is the usage of non-renewable resources, such as coal, for energy; there is now an increasing need for environmentally friendly products and processes. Renewable and sustainable sources of power have begun to become popular, including sources such as wind energy and solar energy.

With a growing population to feed, the need for an agricultural productivity is on the rise. In most inventions today, a growth spurt of fusion of environmental friendliness and efficiency could be seen. Solar water pumps are one such creation. Harnessing the power of the sun, solar water drives can self-sufficiently pump water from deep underneath the soil and pump water to wherever desired.

In fact, recent studies and surveys have pointed towards the booming growth of the solar water pumps industry, with a compound annual growth rate of 34.03%. These pumps have now become popular over the previous diesel pumps due to many reasons. For example, using diesel pumps will allow for issues such as shortage of fuel and cost of fuel. The solar version of pumps have none of these disadvantages.

Furthermore, pumps powered by solar energy also have the benefit of being clean and sustainable in term of energy usage. They have also proven to be more financially friendly than diesel pumps, as diesel pumps possess a far higher operational cost.

As clean water is one of the most important, if not the most important natural resource available to man, its usage must be done in an efficient manner so as to not leave room for wastage or contamination caused by issues such as leaks and faulty machinery. The modern pumps fuelled by solar energy have made this industry environmentally friendly and highly efficient, putting it far ahead of its competitors in terms of a non-contradictory modus operandi.

Studies have also shown that this market is also expected to grow, by 2019, at a compound annual growth rate of 8.32% in terms of revenue. This would undoubtedly encourage investors and companies to invest in this market or to incorporate these pumps into their existing businesses.